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James Tenney offers legal counsel and advice to businesses, individuals and domestic and multinational corporations on financial and taxation matters...
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Public Accountant
James Frederick Tenney is also licensed to practice law in Georgia and Tennessee. With more than thirty years of experience in the field of law and taxation, James Frederick Tenney has helped corporations, professionals, as well as individuals in various aspects of taxation and personal finance...
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James F Tenney Practices Law in Atlanta, Georgia and Tennessee

James F Tenney is an alumnus of Emory University where he received his Masters of Law in Taxation (L.L.M.) degree. He has also studied at the University of Michigan and University of Tennessee where he received his undergraduate degree in finance (B.S.) and law (J.D.). James F Tenney is based in Atlanta and he has extensive expertise in cases related to taxation and finance. He has advised multinational companies, international businesses as well as individuals who want to manage their finances and taxes. His also counsels clients in various aspects of business planning, estate planning, international taxation, personal finance and much more.

Over the years, James F Tenney has guided many business owners in making important business decisions. His clients have used his taxation advice to reduce their taxes and avoid the risks related to transactions. He has also worked with domestic and international companies in negotiating mergers and acquisitions.. James F Tenney has also written for legal periodicals and publications. His legal articles are read by professionals as well as students because he explains the most complex legal terms in the simplest of ways. Business owners also look forward to reading his articles as these contain important information related to business and tax laws. James F Tenney is also an accomplished speaker and he has often delivered lectures and presentations on tax law in national, regional and local seminars.

James Tenney Atlanta also holds a license to practice law in Georgia and Tennessee. He is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the State of Georgia. A respected individual in the legal community, he loves to spend time in the outdoors and enjoys a variety of sports.